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may 27, 2012

brooklyn, ny

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Karis and Sam met in Brooklyn at their church, Resurrection Presbyterian, where the passing of the peace has been known to do magic. The two hit it off after only a few minutes talking about life, art and the great Midwest.

If you know Sam, you know his enthusiasm is unmatched, and this enthusiasm came out in full force on their first date browsing Chelsea art galleries and chatting about bicycles. Their shared interest and knowledge of contemporary art paired with their ability to engage in meaningful conversation (as long as no one's blood sugar ran too low) was unparalleled. Of course, it's never as easy as this—it takes more than debating the role of social practice in contemporary art to fall in love. Karis' initial resistance to a relationship was no match for Sam's perfectly heartfelt, lovely, and sometimes awkward pursuit.

There were many magical dates; picnics at the ocean, bike adventures, bread baking afternoons, and cooking sessions where they learned from each other and shared joys. They met each other's families and close friends, visiting the bluffs of Wisconsin, the mossy oaks of Georgia, and sunny skies of Central Florida.

During a work trip to Miami (now, does hanging out at Art Basel really count as work?) Sam met up with Karis' parents and was given a blessing to ask Karis to marry him.

Upon his return to New York, he popped the question on a blisteringly cold night by the East River, in a spot they had made meaningful over time, in a city they have come to call home. Sam's gift of love included three perfect, hand–formed mini baguettes and a tube of Simichrome metal polishing cream, a confusing gift for a girl without anything to polish. But when Karis looked up from opening the box, she found Sam there on one knee, in front of the water and a city view, under the Williamsburg Bridge, asking for her hand. After a few giddy outbursts of joy, Karis accepted and received a unique ring made of gold and rough–hewn silver that will need polishing, "just like their relationship" as Sam so lovingly put it. And now, they are excited to be sharing their joy with you, friends, family, and friends who are like family.

Even though you'll never catch them smooching at the top of the Empire State Building, this is a true New York story; a simple one of two people from kind of similar and kind of different backgrounds, finding each other in a crazy place and making something bright and color-filled together.

Appropriately, they will be married at Resurrection Presbyterian in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where, a year and a half ago, they made their first generous gift to each other through the peace of Christ. They will continue to live in New York where they will polish their way into a new life, together.


Many thanks to the beloved Natalie Rae Good for putting our story into lovely prose. xoxo

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